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Construction Cleaning Vs. Janitorial Cleaning

When hiring a cleaning company for you construction project it is important to vet the cleaning company and make sure they have experience in construction site cleaning. Today many construction companies will hire a cleaning company that doesn't focus on construction cleaning. Although they may be trying to save money or just don't have the proper knowledge of site cleaning specialists; cutting corner like this is very toxic to the clients site. 

Our construction cleaning project for Chipotle in Georgia!

Our construction cleaning project for Chipotle in Georgia!

What are the terrors for hiring a janitorial based company for your project?

- Not using proper cleaning supplies

- Not knowing the proper techniques for cleaning different types of surfaces

- Not knowing the proper way to dispose of hazardous debris

- Not being properly prepared for amount of time it will take to complete project

These are just a few reasons why its important to hire a professional post construction cleaning company. I encourage every general contractor, developer, property management company to hire the right company for the job.


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