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Cleaning up Atlanta is our passion!

Our company motto is "Team work makes the dream work!"

Our team makes it a priority to work with each other on our sites! We enjoy what we do! Throughout tight schedules and having to work around other trades/vendors on our projects we are still able to make our environment healthy & enjoyable! Brite Atlanta truly knows how team work impacts our companies culture and that is why we succeed in our market! We look forward to being able to get home safely and before we go to bed be able to know we did our best on the project we were on that day. 

  • This is just one reason why Brite Atlanta is Atlanta's #1 Post Construction Cleaning Company.
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When you have us on your site you will be able to have a clear mind knowing Brite Atlanta is going to do the final touches to get your project turned over while receiving a big smile from your client. We are a team & take pride in cleaning up Atlanta!